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New website..!!

As you probably know now, there is a new website underconstruction to replace this one in a really better way,

So let's start the visit now..!!

One of my tracks in an internet radio show..!!

As said in the title, one ofmy tracks has been featured in a web radio show : The Blue Sky Highway, Episode 10

404 page

Good news : If you're lost in the site and reach an unexpected place, you'll see that wonderfull picture..!


Bleeding Fingers Contest : Three winners


Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Bleeding Fingers is excited to announce the names of our three finalists:

• DANIEL SUETT, United Kingdom • EIRIK RØLAND, Sweden • RYAN TAUBERT, Australia

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Links categorization

Links just have been stored into different categories..!!

Zeb & Web

Facebook profile

Facebook fanpage interactivity is really limited...

So, you can now connect with a profile, and become friend..!!